Design Engineering

Architectural Design

a) Site evaluation and assessment
b) Preparation of DBR, concept drawings, schematic drawings & GFC drawings for Architectural Design services
c) Designing and master planning of commercial and residential spaces, car parking as per requirement, sports and recreation such as swimming pool, club house play areas, space for services such as transformer, DG, electrical panels, pump room, STP etc.,
d) Integration of all Engineering services (Structural, PHE, Electrical, HVAC, Fire & Landscape)
e) Drawing preparation for NOCs, sanction approvals
f) 3D visualization
g) Preparation of BOQ’s/ submission of Specifications / Area statements and brochure inputs.
h) Providing inputs / necessary details to comply with Vastu.
i) Providing inputs / necessary details to comply with RERA. / Norms / authority approvals


Design of Plumbing services shall include the Storm water drains, Sewage disposal and reuse scheme, Water Supply system, rainwater harvesting system covering the following design details: • Study the freshwater requirement.
• Strategies and design of water supply, distribution and Water treatment system (WTP)
• Strategies and design of Sdrainage, storm water system and design of Wastewater treatment system (STP) and recycling
• Piping design for reduced friction
• Strategies for Roof and Surface Rainwater management
• BOQ and specifications
• Construction drawings


Design of Electrical distribution system shall include the Sizing of Transformer and DG, Receiving station as per KPTCL/BESCOM, Street light design, CCTV, Communication system covering the following design details:
• Detailed load calculations for entire site including Commercial, Residential, and other common amenities.
• Arriving the Electrical demand for entire premises
• Strategy for Sizing of electrical equipment like transformer, DG and others for commercial, Residential and other amenities.
• HT / LT Cable Routing
• Master Plan Electrical infrastructure routing, space requirement with road cross sections.
• Area / Street Light design
• BOQ and Specifications
• Construction drawings


Master Plan level HVAC Services for Office and Mixed-use Tower shall include Chiller Plant room location, chilled water pipe routing covering the following design details:

Structural Design Service

• Collect information regarding the site; evaluate the existing contours, utilities, etc.
• Prepare a brief stating all Clients’ requirements by doing engineering studies based on the schematic drawings prepared by Architects
• Advice Client on topographic, hydro graphic and soil surveys to supplement existing information
• Prepare a concept design report recording all the above and submit to the Client
• Structural Design and details for Foundation, Columns, beams, slabs, UG sumps, OHT, retaining walls, lift cores, staircase, ramps etc.
• the methodology of water proofing for all areas
• Excavation methodology
• Backfill methodology

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